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title:Web Based School Management Software / Syste
author:Pradhyumna Singh
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

With the expansion of the web technology many schools have come forward to make use of the mighty web to expand the education approach and widen the effectiveness of education system. During this many of us have encountered various challenges. In this article we are giving tips on on line schooling.
Schooling round the clock around the globe … exciting but what to do for it. The first question is can it work online? It is important to understand our infrastructure and the users before we finalise anything on this account. For some countries the idea of online schooling may work with fully online system but with most countries where Internet facility is still at a growing phase the idea may end up, is a dream far off. For this the concept of an intranet based system that works offline and can synchronise with online interface is something that works. Visit and to refer such a system.
With the inception of the online + offline system we have all the economy and speed of an offline system and appraoch of an online system.
1. The system is available offline so works with the speed of your LAN. So quite practical in a school where the number of transactions are very high.
2. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Offline availability of system eliminates the requirement of a 24hrs dedicated internet connection.
3. The online system is an interface to the outside world. So without redundancy we have everything shared in web. Secure and personalised.
4. Web based school management systems gives parents access to the required information without much involvement of money and time.
5. With a web based school management software we can organise an effective parent interaction system for better relationship and knowledge sharing with them.