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title:Top 7 Reasons To Speed Reading
author:Magda Santos
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

1. Gather new ideas
Theodore Roosevelt knew how important gathering new ideas was and actually read a book before breakfast. He knew that reading a book before breakfast gives you the edge over the competition.
2. Increase your capacity to take on new projects
In our world of information the amount of reading we need to do can be overwhelming. However, if you read fast you can get to the vital pieces of information that will make your next project soar.You will have the skill to speed read through all the material you have available to you.
3. Maximize your ability to produce
With all the information you need at hand you can create more, write more, stay on top of more.
4. Improve your performance, increase your effectiveness
=Absorb reports, periodicals, trade journals & novels at least 3 times faster
=Quickly screen e-mail, letters, documents & memos
=Review daily tasks
=Master and organize technical documents
5. Concentrate on priorities
Set your priorities and focus on your goals by learning to read critically and with purpose.
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Speed Reading teaches you how to remember the important information you read.
7. Finish Reading Faster
You all have lots to do. So the best reason for speed reading is finishing your work and getting on with all the other things you enjoy doing.