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The need for child sponsorship

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Child sponsorship is necessary in a world which considers itself civilized. While the idea that not everyone is equal and poverty has to coexist with opulence is reasonable, it is unacceptable to have the financial resources and not do anything to help a child in need. If people have become so indifferent that they can ignore those who suffer near them, is the world truly civilized? Starvation and diseases can harm anyone and the lack of education eliminates any chance to fight back.

child sponsorship

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Tragedies happen every day in several parts of the world. Countries like these are plagued by wars, military corruption, diseases, unemployment and high crime rates. Those born there usually have their childhood is stolen away from them. They are forced to work in brutal conditions, they can’t afford a good education and most of them are illiterate. Malnutrition is a common thing and it is the one that drives people to do anything to survive. That’s why child sponsorship foundations were created. They were intended to help make life better for those who are less fortunate. Child sponsorship organizations make an appeal to other people to donate a monthly amount of money to support different children. Some people criticize these child sponsorship organizations because they think the money doesn’t really go to the children, but to the government for totally different projects. For some, this might be true, but what about the others that do help? Shouldn’t they be given a chance?

The first step in making life better for these children is making sure that they lead a healthy life. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. That’s why the main concern of any child sponsorship organization is to offer them a decent place to live in and to ensure that they don’t suffer from hunger. The goal is to help them lead a normal life. That’s why the children that live in former war zones or in polluted environments are taken away through a child sponsorship program. Their families are instructed how to take care of the children’s nutritional problems and financial support is the one that makes the biggest difference. If the children suffer from malnutrition, child sponsorship programs can fix this.

Education is a basic need nowadays because, without knowledge, pathways in life are blocked. After food and shelter, this is the primary objective of a child sponsorship program. This kind of program is intended to help children by giving them access to education and opening a lot of doors in their lives. These child sponsorship programs don’t have to force children to learn, but only to give them the resources, free access to libraries, studying materials and to computers. Education is a privilege and most poor persons would give anything for a chance to learn. In developed countries education is probably the main thing that draws the line between being rich and poor. This is why child sponsorship organizations are trying to meet the educational needs of children. A good education means a better chance to make it in life or possibly a ticket out of poverty.

As the status in some countries is unbelievable, the people there have asked for support from those richer than them. Poverty that has reached high rates and the violence that has made life insecure push people to ask for assistance from those more powerful than them. Let’s take Brazil for example. The population is 184.1 million people out of which only 87% of them have access to drinking water and only 86.4% are literate. The education rate is therefore very low meaning that approximately 24 million people don’t know how to read or write. This is where the child sponsorship organizations come in. They supply the children and their families with food, drinking water and a way to get educated. Another huge problem is illness. Because of the lack of medicine or of money to buy them, any mild disease can kill them. In Brazil over 600 thousand people have AIDS and 15 thousand others have died of this disease. This is a matter in which the child sponsorship organizations can’t do too much.

Today child sponsorship is available for anyone who wants to do some good. All they need to do is go to the nearest sponsorship organization and be a part of a child sponsorship program. One has a variety of options: donating a monthly amount, donating only one time or choosing a child to constantly support financially. A child sponsorship program isn’t a one way benefit. The donor has the biggest reward of all: the satisfaction to have been able to do some good. If a person chooses a child to support, then he can meet that child if he wants to (with the help of the child sponsorship program). There is also the feeling that no financial remuneration can offer: gratitude. Because the Internet is an open door facing the world, child sponsorship can be done just by sitting in front of the computer. By simply accessing one of the child sponsorship organizations’ homepage, a person can become the owner of a bank account and choose the child sponsorship program that he wants.

Today’s world is considered to be a civilized one, but how can it be so to the full extent of the term while there are still places where every day life is a torment, where people can’t read or write and where epidemics always threaten them? Sponsorship organizations were created specifically for this. Child sponsorship is a proof that society can be civilized if common people decide to give a helping hand. Children are the future, but if the present models them in the wrong way, what will the future be like? Will there be a future and, and if so, will it be illiterate? That’s where a child sponsorship organization fits in. It tries to make the third world countries develop and reach the level of first world countries. A child sponsorship program doesn’t take care of the children disregarding the family. It considers the best way a child can grow having a loving family and a healthy community. This way, people in less fortunate parts of the world are taken care of. Help makes the world better by starting from the bottom up and persuading until the problem is solved.