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title:The Need for Arts
author:Jake Rose
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

The arts have taken blow after blow from schools lately. People just aren’t supporting them. They push them aside and think there’s no use for them in society. But without them society would fall apart. Without relief, without distractions, we would be mindless servants following the ever winding path of greed and corporate business.
The arts come in many different forms. There’s painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, computer graphics, dancing, performing arts, etc. Music and all its components can be included in this when it comes to the limiting the more creative aspects of education. They are not just for entertainment. They promote creativity, originality, patience and discipline. They increase intellect, relieve stress, and provide an outlet for people to be different, to feel welcomed. They are more than just a hobby. They can be a way of life.
Schools don’t want to waste time with this stuff. All that matters to them is the more prominent curriculum and sports. That’s what seems to make the world go around these days. They are nice, a good and important part to education of course, but they shouldn’t be the whole thing. People need a range of understanding in life to truly benefit from its teachings.
The reason schools focus on subjects like science and history and For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. English is that society is driven on a very business and corporate track. We focus on that knowledge makes us better people, that it solves problems and brings us goodness. It does, but not always. When it fails or lets us down, when it stresses us out or overwhelms us, we need a break. That is the arts, the more light-hearted subjects in the world. Society tends to see these more important subjects as the serious ones that get us through life. People think they’re the ones that make the world go around. They think that it’s what makes the world. But if we were so serious all the time, so bent on our corporate ways of greed and power, we’d be a society that would fall apart quickly.
We tend not to see how good we have it until it’s gone. Art isn’t gone and won’t be any time soon, so it’s hard to really show it’s impact. It is a vital part of society though even if we don’t always stress this. It provides business, support, design, creativity, and entertainment for the world.
The arts a vital part of the growth a child undergoes. It helps them both with realizing who they are and becoming who they are meant to be. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have a full passion for it or don’t pursue it in a career. Just the opportunity to allow them to define themselves on their own, to create a personality other than what the real world wants to make them, allows expression and creativity that will stay with them for years. They may not appreciate it at the moment, or acknowledge it later on, but it will become a part of who they are regardless.
We can’t just think that if a child wants to do something they will do it on their own. This provides little encouragement in their life. We need to support a variety of education and experiences in school for children to grow with. Society can’t be serious all the time and it can’t just say that business is the only that matters. It’s vital to mankind’s well-being to promote the arts at a young age and allow children to grow and blossom on their own. They need ways to break free from the mold, to be given opportunities they may not with other subjects. It would be a sad day if a child wasn’t allowed to express themselves and be who they really are.