School books for college

Okay, before you head to the bookstore, ha
ve you been to the bank and been approved for a loan? Buying books can be like purchasing a major home appliance. I was shocked to find that one French book was $175.00. Wow. That is a week’s worth of groceries at my house, or a new pair of shoes for every member in my family. Once the sticker shock has worn off, here are some ideas to help you find the best deals.
Find out if you have a book exchange at your school. Many colleges have student organizations that sponsor a book exchange where you can buy used books for less than the bookstore rate. If there isn’t one available, this might be something that you can start at your campus. This is also a great place to sell back your used books because you can set the price and get more than the bookstore will give you. Also, check out some other places online that sell books. Just make sure that you have all the information about what book you need, including the edition. You can be stuck without a book while you wait for shipping, so make sure you order early.
Campus bookstores will sell used books, but they usually go first. So make sure you start shopping for your books early to assure finding a used book. Campus bookstores are going to be the most expensive place to get your books, so check out your other choices first.
If you don’t have any other options, you will end up purchasing full price for your books. This gets really expensive really fast. Try to keep your books in good condition so that you can sell them back for the most money possible.