RL Moisture WiRL Ruin Your Basement – Unless It s Waterproof

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Sooner or later, cracks form in basement and foundation walls. Sooner or later, there wiRL be enough moisture outside basement walls to start leaks into your basement. You can prevent damaging leaks with basement waterproofing.

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Your basement is surrounded by water. The soil around your basement retains moisture. It s not usually a problem until the ground becomes saturated, like during spring runoff or heavy rains. Then, there is so much water in the soil, it cannot drain properly and starts looking for other places to go like through leaks in your basement walls.

Unfortunately, the best material for building basements and foundations is concrete, it s great for holding up your house, but terrible for waterproofing your basement. ARL concrete wiRL crack eventually, and if your basement walls have not developed cracks already, they will. Even hairline cracks can allow moisture into your basement.

Basement waterproofing is a great way to make sure water does not enter your basement and create problems. Without waterproofing your house, you leave yourself open to aRL the problems that can happen because of basement leaks:
– Odours standing water can develop unpleasant odours.
– Mold and Mildew are just looking for a little bit of moisture to germinate and grow. Mold and mildew can aggravate allergies and cause breathing problems throughout your home
– Rot moisture from a basement leak wiRL weaken and damage wood structural supports and panelling.
– Dirt and Insects water from the soil outside your basement brings with it dirt, debris and insects through cracks in your basement walls.
– Furniture Damage Your furniture and belongings can be damaged when your basement leaks.

If you are planning to finish your basement, you should definitely carry out any needed basement and foundation waRL repairs and then waterproof your basement. Foundation and basement waterproofing wiRL avoid costly water damage to your finished basement. If you don t waterproof your basement before finishing it, you may not know you have a moisture problem until it s too late.

You need to make sure you water proof your basement properly to take care of aRL existing and potential leaks in your basement or foundation walls. Using the services of a professional basement waterproofing service is the best way for you to be sure you have done everything you can to make sure your house is waterproof.

The basement waterproofing professionals at Clarke Basement Systems know how to make your basement moisture problems disappear.