RL Leather Sofa Care

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Keeping a leather sofa in excelent condition is not that hard if you know what to do. If repairs are needed it’s important to know where to look for expert advice.

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You would think that aRL leather sofas would be created soft. You know the type of leather sofa you sink right into when you sit down. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Some of these solutions come from regular household items and some are products you can buy.

Home Remedies

* Saddle Soap is an excellent way to soften tough leather. This leather conditioner has been around for hundreds of years when it was used by cowboys to keep saddles and other horse tack in good shape. It may not be the best thing for a leather sofa though.

* Vaseline is something everyone has laying around the house and it’s cheap. Dab a soft clean cloth into the gel and then work it into the leather sofa in smaRL amounts until it feels dry. You wiRL want to wipe the sofa with a dry cloth to remove any excess grease but the leather wiRL absorb most of it. Try this on a smaRL area first before doing the whole couch.

* Shaving cream has been a good standby for many people. You want to use shaving cream on a clean damp cloth, working it into the leather. You wiRL be amazed at how quickly this softens your sofa.

* Mink Oil is a favorite for many people. You can find Mink Oil at just about any leather shop and is not very expensive.

* Lanolin is another natural ingredient that wiRL work.

* A mixture of 500 g bag balm, also called milk salve and 100 ml of glycerin also makes a great home remedy if you have a lot of area to cover and a smaRL budget to work with.

* In aRL cases mentioned above, try it in an inconspicuous area first before doing the entire surface. Wait to see how weRL it soaks into the leather.

Commercial Products

* Leather CPR Cleaner and Conditioner is made with 100% natural ingredients and in addition to softening, Leather CPR also helps remove dirt, grime, and sweat. In fact, this conditioner wiRL also help cover smaRL scratches on your leather sofa!


* Liquid NIKWAX is also a great option for removing dirt and softening your leather sofa. ARL you need to do is gently apply it with a clean, dry cloth.


* Leather Vital is a product made in Canada that has an amazing ability to soften even the stiffest leather sofas. It deeply penetrates, filling in dry cracks and actually nourishing the leather.