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New Zealand Film School

Thanks to a number of films shot in its unspoiled, diverse, and dramatic landscapes, New Zealand is fast becoming a presence in the film industry. With the recent steady influx of wealth, technology, talents, and characters, For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. New Zealand was transformed overnight from a quaint little dairy town into a backdrop so coveted by pioneering movie producers. As such it New Zealand had appeared in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and King Kong, Walt Disney’s Chronicles of Narnia, Last Samurai, and several television productions like Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules.

All those films are blockbusters, and because of that, people are found heading towards this part of Polynesia to check out the wonderful world of fantasy. And again, it boosted New Zealand’s reputation as a lucrative film industry.

It’s hardly a surprise that there would be exceptional New Zealand film schools, because in the Land of the Long White Cloud it is clear that there would be a horizon of bright future endeavors, in years to come. So study with these New Zealand film schools and be the next Peter Jackson. And of course, you could use New Zealand’s mighty landscapes as backdrop. Maybe you can churn out a film that could rival King Kong or Chronicles of Narnia in terms of marvel.

CPIT School of Broadcasting

CPIT (ChristChurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology) School of Broadcasting offers filmmaking students the following qualifications: Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications, concentrating on options including Broadcast Journalism, Digital Film and Television Production, and Radio Broadcasting. CPIT New Zealand film school also offers a short course one year diploma in Digital Video Post Production, and a part time off campus Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications program.

This CPIT New Zealand film school branch is handled by the New Zealand Broadcasting School (NZBS) that enjoys a national recognition as the country’s premier academy. NZBS as a New Zealand film school is well regarded for advance training in television, film or even digital media, having all state of the art technologies that can deliver for such task.

The Film School

With a vision to produce a batch of filmmakers in the same degree of their highly regarded movie personalities, The New Zealand Film and Television School, also known simple as The Film School, offers a comprehensive training that tackles practical as well as realistic training. The Film School also guarantees their film students adequate resources to prepare them for their career path.