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Film School Paris

Choosing film school Paris is not an easy task. There are a great many things to consider, not least of which is money. Other equally important concerns are whether to take a long-term program or a short-term course, acting or directing, and various other significant decisions that you would have to make.

Often, making these decisions are entirely up to you. These so-called film school experts or even your mentor in college can only give you so much advice on what you ought and ought not do. But ultimately, it is your life, it is your career, and it is your choice.

For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. That said, we offer you this list of film school Paris choices you might want to consider as your training ground for your future in movie making.

Eicar International Film School of Paris

Eicar is an international film school Paris that teaches students in filmmaking using both English and French as media of instruction. Here you can get Bachelors and Masters in Film School, particularly in fields of film studies, sound, editing, cinematography, and screenwriting.

All programs offered by the Eicar film school Paris are accredited by the EABHES, the European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools.

New York Film Academy

As a top film school, the New York Film Academy offers some of its programs in their Paris campus. The film school Paris offers both one-year programs that combine a balance between theoretical and technical filmmaking and the more intensive and hands-on short-term workshops.

Here you will learn all about Directing for Film, Digital Filmmaking, Acting for Film, 16mm Filmmaking, Producing, Documentary, Digital Editing, Screenwriting, 3D Animation, and Music Video.

New York Film Academy has produced students with high connections in the film industry and those that made it on their own, including son of Academy Award winning actor F. Murray Abraham, daughter of fashion designer Donatella Versace, son of director David Carson (Star Trek, Beverly Hills 90210), and Takeshi Kaneshiro, Asian cinema star (Chungking Express, House of Flying Daggers).

Westbridge Film School

As part of Westbridge University, the Westbridge Film School (with programs held in Paris, Los Angeles and Mexico City) was primarily created to form the next generation of artists that excel in filmmaking, acting and 3D animation.

As such, the courses (all taught in English) at this film school Paris span a huge range of filmmaking aspects, from the technical to the visual, including one-year intensive training in Digital Filmmaking, 3-year BA course in 3D animation and Visual Effects, 3D Filmmaking, and one-year intensive program in Acting for Film.

There are several more film school Paris to choose from. The above-mentioned are only a select few that have earned a reputation of producing excellent graduates who have shown their talents in today’s array of film works.