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Easy Ways To Maintain Your Blood Glucose Levels Dennis Driscoll

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Stabalizing Your Blood Sugar
One of the best ways to help stabilize your Blood sugar is a simple process called portion control.
I myself have tendency to eat to fast. The problem with eating too fast is simple you eat too much. I will elaborate, we all get an emotional high from eating, afterall who don’t like to eat.
By eating to fast we do not give ourselfves time to become full.
Slow Down
The next time you eat try this, chew your food and enjoy the taste. Make a consious effort and try to slow down when eating. We are most likely to overeat by eating to fast, because we don’t give our bodies time to get full.
Hold Off For That Second Helping
Another way to challenge yourself is this instead of reaching for that second plate as soon as your first plate is gone, wait just 10 minutes. I will bet that by waiting it will be much easier to say no to that second helping.
Just think what 10 minutes could do for your overall health, blood sugar and weight.
Portions Size
If you can get through just a few days or a week of practicing the above mentioned tips you are on your way, now you try adjusting your overall portions of food intake.
Instead of filling your plate up. Let’s just go for smaller portions don’t be to drastic just reduce portion size a little bit each day or so. There is no need to measure or weigh your food just use your eyesite. It’s that simple! The best way to loose weight and keep your blood sugar down at the same time is by eating smaller portions. Give yourself time this will work. If you happen to overeat at one meal don’t beat yourself up just focus more the next time you eat.
Eat Frequently
I have analyzed my eating patterns and discovered that when I wait to long to eat and find myself starving, this is the time that I will most likely overeat. The best way to not do this is simple eat more often, and eat smaller meals. If you plan on eating every 3 hours or so you will see how just an apple and a half sandwhich will keep you full to the next meal. Waiting 4-6 between meals you will eat more and your body will suffer for it.
It is much easier for your body breakdown smaller portions and process the sugar that t0 stuff yourself.
Remember being diabetic your body cannot process extra sugar like most people.
So smaller meals= less sugar in your blood.