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A Look at the Denver School of Nursing

The Denver School of Nursing is a privately held institution that provides postsecondary education in the field of nursing and allied healthcare. The Professional Education Corporation, a private company in Colorado, owns and runs the school with authorization from the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCFor the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. HE).

The Denver School of Nursing offers two associate degree programs and a baccalaureate degree program, all of which has received approval from the Colorado State Board of Nursing. Graduates of Denver School of Nursing are eligible to take nursing licensure exams. The Denver School of Nursing offers courses during the entire year with day, evening and weekend classes.

The campus of the Denver School of Nursing is in the downtown area of Denver, Colorado with a 25,000 square foot building housing modern classrooms, laboratories and offices. The school has over forty nursing faculty members.

Admission to the Denver School of Nursing requires that the prospective enrollee complete an application form and an admissions interview. Applicants must have finished secondary education and should be 18 years old if not during their application then at the least when they start classes. Transcripts of all previous course work, school diploma and certification of age are some of the document requirements. Some applicants may need to undergo an entrance exam depending on the program. In addition, applicants must be proficient in English as all classes offered are in English. You may download an application form from the school’s website.

The Denver School of Nursing offers financial assistance to eligible students through the Career Training Loan program provided by SLM Financial Corporation. One of the requirements to qualify for the loan is a good credit rating. If you have bad credit, you may still apply for a loan with a co-borrower who has good credit. The loan program makes it possible for borrowers to get funding for the entire cost of their education. The loans have variable interest rates, a standard 15-year repayment term with an interest-only payment option while the borrower is still in school. Your admissions representative will be able to assist you with your financing application.

In addition to its student financial services, the Denver School of Nursing also provides free career-oriented services to all its students and graduates to help them secure employment in the healthcare field. The school’s career services include resume building, writing cover letters, employment interview simulations, career counseling, assistance with licensure exam applications, job fairs and others.